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DATA LOSS With Rocky Mountain Computer Supply’s Remote Backup Services

How Rocky Mountain Computer Supply Works For Your Business

Rocky Mountain Computer Supply operates an off-site storage facility for your data. An account is maintained for each user. Each account is protected by a password known only to the user.

The electronic vault system is set up so that at a preset time, (usually late at night) your computer automatically prepares its data for backup. It determines which files have been modified since the last backup, compresses them, and encrypts them for security. When the data is ready the computer uses its modem or Internet Connection to contact a Rocky Mountain Computer Supply Server and transmit the data.

The Rocky Mountain Computer Supply Server verifies and stores the data. You can rest assured that your data is safe for you to restore at any time.

Business Case Study

The consulting company, Newell & Associates, had a disk drive crash six months after it began operations. And, even with a fully backed up system on a tape drive, it took over five days to get a critical computer system restored. They spent several months investigating all the alternatives to manual backup systems. And, finally decided that the best backup system is the one used by Fortune 500 companies. Companies like IBM, GE, and Amoco.

Most fortune 500 companies use the same basic techniques to protect their data:

•  All their systems are completely automated

  • The data is copied to a central location
  • Highly skilled technicians implement and monitor the process

Newell & Associates then spent several months searching for the right hardware and software to enable this system to work for a typical company. Without the high overhead.In the middle of 1999, Remote Backup Systems, Inc, a leading backup software company, released a system that would allow Newell & Associates to set up a centralized server so that its customers could lease a highly effective backup system with no overhead.

Rocky Mountain Computer Supply Pays For Itself

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