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Rocky Mountain Computer Supply Managed Agent

For Servers, Desktops & Laptops

• Asset Management

            • Knowing everything that is physically installed on your computers or applications installed on your computers in your network is a task that usually takes a back seat to your daily routine.  As time progresses you lose track of what is really installed what versions you have making upgrading or purchasing a real nightmare.  Below are a few of the benefits that our Managed Services client can help with:

                        • Complete system inventory

                        • All hardware

                        • All installed software: Licenses, version numbers

                        • Operating System Information

                        • Current network configuration – IP addresses

                        • Local and network Printers

• Patch Management

            • Keeping all your computers updated with the latest Microsoft patches, security releases and general updates is a daunting task.  Again your daily business routine rarely focuses these details and can be easily forgotten thereby creating a valid and potentially dangerous security risk.  Some of the benefits that our managed services client aids with:

                        • Automated Patch deployment

                        • Monitors patch compliancy

                        • Patches can be selectively deployed and installed

                        • Rollback features

• Remote Desktop Control

            • Remote Desktop Control is a great solution that aids in assisting with troubleshooting issues.  Many times certain issues or problems can be easily solved by being able to see what the user is experiencing with-out making a physical trip to your location.  And in the event of requiring a service trip our technicians can be better prepared.

                        • Simple Remote access

                        • Saves Time, easy and fast

                        • File transfer capability

• Remote Monitoring

            • Remote monitoring is comparable to a life support system monitoring your heart beat and well being.  With the Managed Services Client our software can keep track of the health of your network, computers and servers.  Error logs and events are categorized and alerts are created pending the severity of the issues as they occur.  Many of these items can make solving or even preventing problems much simpler.

                        • Network Statistics Reporting – Bandwidth consumption, bottlenecks

                        • Machine Changes Report

                        • Event Log Monitoring

                        • Windows performance counter, Services and Processes Monitoring

• Remote Management

            • Remote management allows for easy and comprehensive network management to keep your computers up and running smoothly.  This allows us to initiate scripts for checking virus definitions, automating disk defragmentation file management, application management and many more tools.

                        • Flexible schedualing

                        • Easy management and customization.

• Managed Services Reports

            • Managed Services Reports are convient reporting tools that allow for a variety of reports to be available detailing many aspects of your computers, software and network configurations.

                        • Customizable, easy and fast

                        • Change reports, log reports, error reports and much more.

                        • Server and Workstation uptime history

                        • Security Patch and Update status

• Virus/Spyware/Malware Protection

• Virus Protection – The Virus Protection module is installed software that protects against virus intrusion.  The signature files are updated regularly and your subscription will never expire as long as you’re a member of the Managed Services program.

• Malware assistance – Spyware and malware is today’s top killer of computer performance and employee productivity.  Although there is no sure guaranteed way to prevent spyware infections for happening you can lessen the chance by utilizing our Malware scanner.